For political entrepreneurs

Identified Areas Of Need In The Republican Campaign Tech Ecosystem [2024]

In this document, we describe opportunities for entrepreneurs, technologists, startups, and mature firms to build new technology that will give Republican candidates and their allies an edge in close elections.

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7 Ways Startup Caucus Helps Entrepreneurs Succeed

Every startup comes with unique challenges, but campaign tech startups must overcome the added difficulty of the politics of politics. We built Startup Caucus to help entrepreneurs overcome these barriers more effectively, efficiently, and affordably to fast-track innovation into the field to help Republicans win more elections.

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The Importance of Cash on Hand in Political Sales

In our post-election campaign decision makers survey, respondents ranked “preserving cash on hand” as the third most important factor in making decisions about campaign spending behind earning votes and increasing fundraising. 

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How to Price Campaign Technology for Political Adoption

An early challenge political technology entrepreneurs face is how they should price their product in order to drive adoption. This is especially challenging when you’re introducing a new category of technology. If you price your product incorrectly, not only do you risk missing out on revenue, but you also lose valuable feedback from users. 

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Why Campaign Technology Must Be Partisan

Startup Caucus invests in companies building products to help Republicans win elections as our investment thesis states. Founders and investors who are more familiar with the startup world than the political sphere often wonder why campaign tech needs to be partisan. After all, why would you cut your prospective customer base in half?

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