Messages from friends, family and people you know are the single most effective form of influence. Scale your organizing efforts to reach as many persuadable as possible through friends. Target your outreach by smart matching your advocates contacts against the target audience you have identified.

About the company

Our passion has been to build software that is easy to use and makes the user achieve their goals and to make their lives easier. This passion is found in every aspect of our product and services and in the way organizations can expect us to deal with them. We always ask, how useful is this to your success? Is this information just “good to know” or is it actionable? Will this result in useful action? And will you have the time to use it?

Our founders are lifelong conservatives and are passionate advocates for limited government movements and individual freedom. We developed easy to use, powerful tools for volunteer dominated organizations and campaigns to reach success.

The ease of use is in our company DNA as it was in our founders previous software company which was sold. Over and over again, volunteer organizations say they lack easy to use tools to reach, engage and activate volunteers, voters and donors. That is why Buzz360 was founded.  Minneapolis, MN is the company’s home and it was founded by software veterans in 2015.

Lisa Schneegans