A New Home for Technological Innovation on the Right

August 12, 2019

For nearly two years, I’ve been studying how Republicans can bring new technology and innovation to campaigns up and down the ballot and today, I’m excited to introduce Startup Caucus, an accelerator for campaign technology on the Right.

We’re now accepting applications to our 2019 accelerator cohort. So if you’re an entrepreneur  interested in learning more, click here.

As Morton Blackwell notes in his Laws Of The Public Policy Process, “political technology determines political success.” By bringing sustainable and scalable innovation to the conservative movement, Startup Caucus will bring Republicans the competitive advantage needed to win.

Startup Caucus invests in seed and early stage companies that are building products to help Republicans win elections and whose founders will benefit from political education, training, and mentorship.

Startup Caucus invests in companies that build products or platforms rather than agencies or consultancies. This is critical for achieving Startup Caucus’ goal of deploying innovative technology at scale up and down the ballot for candidates at every level and with every budget.

As we launch, I want to extend an invitation to anyone interested in ensuring the long-term success of the conservative movement, especially if...

  • You’re an entrepreneur interested in breaking into the political market with your business idea.
  • You’re a technologist eager to work with companies that are building the future of politics.
  • You’re a political professional who wants to maintain your competitive advantage with the latest campaign technology.
  • You’re an investor looking to support entrepreneurs and companies helping Republicans win.

So, if you’re ready to join the fight for innovation, click here.