Our Startups Will Help Republicans Overcome Online Ad Changes

November 22, 2019

Twitter has banned political advertising and Google is drastically limiting campaigners’ ability to target their online advertising. Additional restrictions are also rumored by Facebook. These disruptions are driving political strategists on both sides of the aisle to reassess their digital strategies heading into 2020. Fortunately for Republicans, Startup Caucus has invested in startups that will help them overcome these challenges.

Our portfolio companies are building campaign tech that scales up and down the ballot and helps Republicans win. Here’s a look at how campaigns and other political organizations can incorporate Startup Caucus-backed tools in response to the latest changes from big tech.


Numinar gives campaigns of any size access to sophisticated voter models through artificial intelligence and machine learning, and while there are new restrictions on how you can use these audiences online, it will help better target your other voter contact channels, including phones, canvassing, mail, texting, and email.

Their software incorporates what it learns from these channels back into the model in real-time and gets smarter by the minute. With budgets being reallocated from channels like Facebook and Google back to more analog options, Numinar ensures they’re powered by the latest technology.

Swipe Red

Swipe Red, built by Buzz360, brings technology-enabled relational organizing – one of the most effective methods of voter persuasion and turnout – to Republicans. A campaign’s supporters download the app, learn which of their friends are must-reach voters and then get in touch with them on the channels where they already connect, including phone, text, and social media.

With limited targeting options on social media, Swipe Red gives campaigns a new way to tap into voters’ social networks.


With Voterfied, campaigns and political organization can measure how their online outreach efforts are reaching registered voters in their target districts. The Voterfied platform enables political campaigners to gather structured feedback through petitions and surveys after first verifying that the user is a registered voter in the district.

Even as voter targeting becomes more restricted from online platforms, a campaign that drives their online advertising to Voterfied’s platform will know with certainty that they are reaching the right voters.

Without Startup Caucus’ critical support of these companies, Republicans would be much less prepared to weather the significant changes coming from Twitter, Google, and Facebook. Click here to learn about our entire portfolio.